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As the name suggests, the octagonal pole is basically a pole or a vertical structure having eight sides, forming the octagonal shape. Designed efficiently to stand without using much space, these poles are a perfect example of the impact of science in our daily life. Octagonal pole manufacturers design these poles with premium metal, so these poles can withstand various odd climate conditions.

The reason that octagonal pole sellers describe behind this eight-sided shape is to provide the accessibility to revert the direct contact of wind to the poles and to remain stable in different atmospheres. These poles have a very specified role in numerous industries, especially in street lighting, traffic signals, sign boards, stadiums, courts, outdoor fields, and many more. These poles have vast applications and usability in several sectors, and thus, they are a product of interest to numerous industries.

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3 Meter Industrial Octagonal Pole
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Octagonal Pole
GI Octagonal Pole
GI Octagonal Pole


Spec: 3 Meter GI Octagonal Pole

Bharat Power Project, Bharatpur, Rajasthan

4 Mtr Octagonal Pole
8 Meter GI Octagonal Pole

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